re: the Hey Dish, Where’s My AMC contest?

Some kid at this graduation ceremony just announced that he wants to be the next Don Draper and own his own ad agency. What a Pete Campbell thing to say.

But let’s take a step back for a second. Did you sit down last night and, like Tom, turn to your signother to say, “We’re actually going to see a new episode of Mad Men!” in a voiced tinged with wonder and excitement? Did you grin stupidly from ear to ear throughout the entire 2 hours? Is “Zou Bisou Bisou” stuck in your head this morning? How many times did you say “Oh my God!” As in, “Oh my GOD, she knows!” or “Oh my GOD, that apartment!” Or even “Oh my GOD, BABY TESTICLES!” Mad Men is back, y’all, and we’re so happy to see them that it’s a struggle just to give you the long-winded, overblown analysis we’re known for.
OH, T LO. The AV Club can get so dry. I need this.