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Every email that contains notes on your work

Hey friend

Great job on an inconsequential part of the project! You really knocked that out of the park!

Nothing else worked for me. 



Oh my god!

Now, when you’re in a public ladies bathroom, and you hear a wrapper rustling in the next stall over, seven days out of the week, that is a fellow lady and a tampon. It always is. But I’m really sure that the girl next to me just now opened some Skittles or something because there was rustling then chewing!

I want to meet that girl! I want to be that girl!

WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THESE WORK BATHROOMS? I should not be getting so much material from them, and yet… and yet…

Do you know what happens when you have two bossy bitches butting heads over straight up minutiae?

One of them will get her way.

The other will take it to her tumblr.

It’s gotten to the point where said coworker watches me heat up my lunch and instructs on how to best heat up my pizza. DOES SHE KNOW WHO SHE’S DEALING WITH? I’d be infuriated (cause lord knows I HATE being told what to do) if it wasn’t so…well… in my character to do the same thing? So I take it down from a withering gaze to a back turned to her eye roll.

Oh well, she can make it up to me by I’m going to start stealing beer from the fridge.